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Career: Career: After graduation from HTL (Higher Institute of Technical Education) Mödling studies at the Technical University of Vienna, several years working experience in development and service of medical engineering. 2003 change to power industry of Verbund Group. Several years in staff function for strategic special projects for the Austrian transmission network operator APG. 2007 – 2015 managing director with overall responsibility and set-up of the business field renewable energy in the Verbund Group with an investment volume of approx. € 800 Mio (national and international). Since 2015 managing director of VLB Leitungsbau GmbH & Co. KG and Powerlines Energy GmbH. Since 2016 he has been Managing Director at Powerlines Energy GmbH.
Career: After graduating with a degree in Electrical Communications Engineering from the University of Duisburg, Norbert Hänsel worked as Management Assistent and as Sales Manager. In 1997, he moved into the energy and telecommunications fields (Energie KOM, subsequently known as ALPINE-ENERGIE Deutschland) as a Project Manager and Sales Manager. From 2002 he was the Head of Telecommunication Technologies for ALPINE-ENERGIE Deutschland. In 2005 he became Technical Managing Director at EQOS Energie Deutschland (previously ALPINE-ENERGIE Deutschland) and in 2016 moved to the Powerlines Group to assume a Managing Director position at Powerlines Energy Germany.